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Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, NC, has released their updated tax rates as every 4 years they are required to update assessed values of all real estate. 

If your home is in Mecklenburg County, you can pull up your new tax bill per the link below if you want to look to see what the new tax rate is. 

Mecklenburg County tax site here: 

Above is a screenshot of where this can be found. You then need to know which municipality your property is in.

For example, for the screen shot to the left in Charlotte, the 
new tax rate is .7335

EX: The new assessed value for this property is $1,093,500 so to calculate the taxes you take $1,093,500 multiply by .007335 to get the annual amount and then divide by 12 to get the monthly amount.  So the monthly taxes for this property will be $668.40. You should NOT be looking at the prior year’s tax bill to obtain the property taxes since the new assessed values and tax rates are now out.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to walk through any specific situations. 


If you'd like to receive recent sales information on homes like yours CLICK HERE to appeal the new tax bill, email me your request to: Mecklenburg County gives a limited time to appeal your new tax bill.

Chrystal Roy and Team

Special thanks to Adam Goulet of Movement Mortgage for sharing this valuable information!

Posted by Chrystal Safari Roy on July 27th, 2023 6:17 PM